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Our Mission Statement

Worley Brother’s Scrap Iron & Metal, Inc. is a third generation scrap metal recycling Company with well over 100 years of combined experience that spans a variety of public, private, and commercial markets.

We view each project as an opportunity to exceed our client’s expectations. Worley Brother’s Scrap Iron & Metal, Inc. provides a highly-trained team of uniquely qualified professionals to ensure attainment of our recycling goals. We consistently demonstrate the ability to assemble the necessary resources, personnel, supplies, and equipment to complete major recycling projects.

Helping the Environment and You

Worley Brother’s Scrap Iron & Metal, Inc. actively promotes that recycling makes a positive impact on the environment, as well as a smart and less expensive choice in fulfilling metal demands. Recycling metals conserves our limited resources by reusing processed metals. Ninety-five percent (95%) of metal can be re-smeltered into a new product, saving 60% to 85% of the energy a virgin metal would require. Recycling reduces the amount of waste that must be burned or buried, reduces pollution, and the demand for energy.

Our customers receive results that surpass their objectives for quality, schedule, budget and scope; a relationship based on fairness, trust, and competence; and a teamwork approach that includes them in the decision making process. This is our Mission Statement, our foundation, and these guiding principles inspire our entire organization.

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